About Me

Hi and welcome to my website! My name is Mya, I have been in Eagle Lake, MN since 2009 and in the Mankato area since 1999. I graduated from Mankato State University with a Bachelor of Fine arts and specialized in Graphic Design. Art has been a huge part of my life since I was a teeny tiny tot. I started loving photography while I was in high school. It wasn’t until after college that I realized I had the talent to take photographing to another level. My very first job was for a friend that asked me to photograph her wedding. I was a little skeptical but gave it a try. From then, I gained two other weddings (yes, very scary for my first paid jobs) and that’s how it got started. I was so thankful that people had faith in me that I could be trusted to shoot something that was so important in their lives. I ordered some equipment and gained clients from there on out.

There is nothing better than capturing such special moments through the lens of a camera. I have met so many special people, who to this day, are a big part of my life. I would not trade it for the world!